Digital Meridian Tel

Albrarequah International Marketing Corporation

We understand that our equipment must meet our customer’s needs for reliable moving- even after many years of use. Each item is known for its high QUALITY.  our products perfectly designed and engineered for each application, but the materials and components are innovative and revolutionary themselves.

  Meridian Telephone T7316

  •  T7316

     * the Norstar T7316E Telephone   is an expandable multi-line   business telephone set that     provides upto16lines.

 * Includes 24  programmable   memory buttons (16 with   multi- segment icons) for fast     access to frequently used features.

 * Nortel Norstar T7316E has volume Control  adjustment for    Ringer, Speakerphone, Headset  & Handset volume.

 * 2 line by 16 character menu-driven LCD display  with 3    context-sensitive soft keys.

 * Compatible with Norstar and Business

  Meridian Telephone T7208

  •  T7208

     * Supports up to 6  lines

     *8programmable memory buttons    with LCD indicator

     *  Audio control center

 * Tilt-display with integrated             Visual Ring/Message Waiting Indicator

 * Compatible with Norstar and Business  Communication    Manager systems

  Meridian Telephone T7100

  • T7100

     *  Single programmable Key

 *  Single Line  telephone

 *  Message Waiting lamp

 *Hold, Release, Feature, Volume keys

 *  LCD tilt Display with  date, time andcaller/call information

 *  Loudspeaker for music broadcast or PAGE

 *  Compatible with Norstar systems

  Meridian Telephone T7000

  • T7000

     *  Basic Meridian  Telephone

 *  4 programmable  keys

 *  Full Norstar features

 *  Hands free dialing

 *  Volume control

 *  does not have a LCD Display

 *  Incoming call indicator

 *  Wall mountable

 *  Compatible with Norstar systems